Commercial Slat Fencing for Melbourne

commercial steel slate fence for security and privacy in melbourne

Steel slat fencing is becoming a popular choice when you want the best in security for your commercial or industrial property but also want the fence to be stylish. That’s what you get when you install a steel slat fence with its clean lines and sharp finishes. It is particularly important if you have customers visiting your business property that you create a great first impression with your fence.

Another added benefit is that you are able to decide on the spacing between the steel slats so you have he added benefit of privacy if desired – a major benefit compared with many other forms of commercial, industrial and security fencing.

Joe’s Fencing & Gates specialises in steel slat fencing for both commercial and industrial properties so you can be assured that you will get the best quality fence. We also always guarantee quality workmanship with every fence we install. When maximum strength and security is required a steel slat fence is the solution that does not compromise on style.

Some of the many benefits of a steel slat fencing include:

Low Maintenance
If you have an industrial or commercial property then the last thing you want to do is to constantly maintain your fence by painting it or varnishing it. With a steel slat fence you will never have to paint or varnish your steel slat fence!

Security comes First
Slat fencing (whether steel or aluminum) are great for security as there are no footholds for potential intruders to gain easy access to your property.

Fire, Pest and Termite Resistant
Your steel slat fence is fire resistant adding another great safey feature, along with being pest and termite resistant for peace of mine.

In addition, commercial automatic sliding gates, hinged or swinging gates can be manufactured to suit each steel slat fencing project.

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