Our fences and gates come in a wide variety of styles. These include Tubular Fencing, Picket Fencing, Glass Fencing, Slat Fencing, Privacy screens and Colorbond Fencing.

We can even provide gates that match these styles of fences. The most common options include either a swing gate or a sliding gate. We can also provide automatic sliding gates including the motor and full range of accessories.

We can also custom design your steel gate.

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Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gates (also known as electric gates) are becoming more popular in Melbourne. This is because they make it easier for people to get in and out of their driveway.  Automatic sliding gates are also great at reducing the space needed for  vehicle to access a driveway. This is because instead of the usual swing arc the automatic sliding gate simply slides across.

Automatic sliding gates are most often used over driveways, but some people use them for pedestrian access gates too. You can also pick your automatic sliding gate accessories and motor to custom build your automatic sliding gate.

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Tubular Fencing

Tubular fencing is a form of fencing that offers a strong, long lasting, stylish, yet affordable option for your home in Melbourne. It comes in a variety of different styles. All tubular fencing can be customised to meet your specific needs. Whatever the style of tubular fence you need we can built a style that suits. This includes a tubular fence for privacy or to keep your children safe at home.

At Joe's Fencing & Gates, our tubular fences are made from either aluminium, steel or high-tensil steel. They are a popular choice for swimming pools, gardens and decorative front fences Tubular swimming pool fences also meet the Australian standards AS1926 required for swimming pool fences.

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Steel Gates

Our steel gates are manufactured from steel tube and are usually hung from metal posts.  Although black is the most popular choice for the steel gates in Melbourne, other colour choices are available. This includes charcoal, cream, white and even heritage green and federation red.

We manufacture our own steel gates so you can be assured that you will get the style you want as well as the highest standard of quality.

Our steel gates can be used for driveways. This includes automatic sliding gates, as well as for pedestrian access. They can be  made with a new fence or to match an existing fence.

At Joe's Fencing and Gates, we are happy to work with you in customising the design for that perfect steel gate for your home.

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Picket Fencing

For charm and style, many people can't go past a quality picket fence for their front yard. Picket fences come in both traditional and contemporary styles. Whether your home is Victorian, Edwardian, Federation or Californian Bungalow or a more modern design you can have a picket fence that enhances your home. You also can add your own customisations to design your unique picket fence. These variations include the height, picket ends and inlays of your new picket fence.

At Joe's Fencing and Gates, we are happy to work with you in customising the design for that perfect picket fence for your home.

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Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fences are a modern style of fencing that provide a high level of privacy when used as a boundary fence. They are extremely long lasting with little maintenance required. This is because they won't crack, peel, chip or warp under normal conditions.

Colorbond fences have become a popular alternative to paling fences. This is partly because they are are manufactured in a range of colours. In addition, Colorbond gates can also be built to match your fence.

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Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is perfect if you want a stylish modern fence, but also provide privacy. They are constructed of aluminium, steel or even timber (including merbau). Slat fences come in a range of styles and finishes. Both vertical and horizontal slats are popular. Variations in the slat widths, spacing, colours and heights make slat fences a versatile fencing choice. Slat fencing is also often used as inlays for brick or metal frames.

Powder-coating finish is used for aluminium and steel slat fences. This means there are many choices of colour available for your new slat fence. It also means a slat fence will complement the individual style of your property.

If used for swimming pools, vertical slats are recommended. This is to prevent climbing. Our fences meet the Australian standards AS1926 required for swimming pool fences.

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Privacy Screen Fencing

Privacy screen fencing is a great solution for small spaces. It has been increasing in popularity due to the larger number of people now in high density living in Melbourne.

Privacy screen fencing is very versatile. You can choose the width and the height of the slats as well as the spacing between them. You can also choose the type of material to use. This includes timber, aluminium and even steel.

You can also have either vertical or horizontal slats to suit the style of your home. Privacy screen fencing is a stylish contemporary style of fencing that will enhance your home and its value.

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Glass Pool Fencing

A modern alternative, glass pool fencing is the current trend for use around swimming pools and spas. It provides a stylish and elegant solution to providing a safety fence. The glass fence panels provide greater visibility,whilst maintaining a strong physical barrier to a swimming pool area. As a result, it makes it easier to supervise children. All our swimming pool fences meet the Australian standards AS1926.

There is a wide range of trims and fittings you can choose for your glass pool fence. This ensures your pool area is stylish while maintaining the highest levels of security and safety.

We offer both frameless glass pool fencing and semi frameless pool fencing so there is as style that will suit your needs. One of benefits of frameless and semi-frameless glass is that it is easier to clean as dirt runs down and off the glass - as there is no bottom barrier to obstruct it.

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Swing Gates

Swing gates are also known as hinged gates. Unlike sliding gates, swing gates are connected directly to a gate post and swing in an arc. They are ideal for pedestrian access gates as less space is required for the swing arc. In addition, they provide a greater level of security.

Swing gates can also be used for driveways where space is not an issue. They are also a great solution where no recess is available for the gate to slide into. Swing gates come in a variety of styles to suit your individual needs.

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Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates are one of the most popular styles of gates in Melbourne. When you install a sliding gate you have a choice of having the gate operate manually or have it fully automated. Automatic sliding gates are more convenient. They cost more than manual sliding gates but are a lot more convenient

Sliding gates come in a wide variety of styles to suit your individual needs. This includes from the more traditional to the modern. That's why there is sure to be style to suit your home.

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