Picket Fences for Melbourne

For many home owners in Melbourne a picket fence is a very desirable addition to their dream home. This is because a timber picket fence is long lasting, yet provides a striking feature to your home.

A Picket fence is one of the most popular styles of fencing in Melbourne for a front yard. This is especially true for many styles of period homes in Melbourne. These styles of period homes include Victorian, Edwardian, Federation and Californian Bungalows.

In recent years picket fences have also become popular with modern styles of homes. This is because there is nothing better than a picket fence to add charm and style to your home. This includes a matching picket gate.

One of the reasons why a picket fences are so popular in Melbourne, is that there are so many styles to choose from. In fact, you can add your own customisation to design your own unique picket fence.  Variations include height, picket/post ends and inlays.

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The Parts that Make up a Picket Fence

The are many components that make up a picket fence. Here are the most important components:

Picket Posts

The posts are the most important part of a picket fence. This is because it is the foundation from which your fence is built.

As a result we only long lasting and durable timber.  A popular choice for the timber is treated pine. In addition, any nails used need to be hot-dipped galvanised. By doing this the nails become resistant to corrosion.

You can even start creating the style of your new picket fence by selecting a top for the posts. The posts can match the picket panels but you can also choose to have a different, but complementary style for them. Some post top styles include Rounded, Pyramid or something more exotic called the Bishop’s Hat.

picket fencing melbourne

Picket Railings

The rails span across the posts and run horizontal to the ground. Depending on the height of the fence, usually two or three rails are used. Although railings are placed on the inside of the fence, it is important to get them right. This is because they add the stability to the fence.

Picket Panels

The panels, and in particular, the head chosen for the panel, is what creates the style of your fence. There are lots of different styles to choose from including Acorn, Club, Spade, Windsor, Round, Flat and Pointed. The height and pattern of the panels also create a style. For example, level or capped picket fences are usually more suited to a modern style of home.

In contrast, the accented and arched picket fences are more suited to older and more traditional styles of homes. This is because they are are more elaborate in style.

picket fencing melbourne

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Specifications for Picket Fences

Picket Sizes

The most common picket size is 70mm. However, thinner or thicker pickets are also used.

Height of Picket Sizes

Common picket heights are:


The most popular gap between pickets is 30mm. However, 25mm is also common. The general rule is that spacing between the pickets is smaller where privacy is desired. Conversely, if a more open feel is desired then the gap is a bit larger.

The most important thing is that there is the same size gap between all the pickets!

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Styles of Picket Fences

Often the style of the picket fence is chosen to suit the style of the house. For example, an Edwardian style home quite often use capped rail picket fences to match their verandah and fret work. The reason for this is that the capped rail picket enhances and complements the Edwardian style.

Victorian style homes often use the accented style of picket fences. This is because the design specifically complements their verandah lacework. In contrast, concave style picket fences are perfect for a house that has curved features. This includes a bay window or bull nose verandah.

The simplest form of picket fence, is called the level picket fence. It is often used for contemporary style homes. This is because the style of fence compliments the straight lines of the modern home.

The construction and installation of a picket fence is relatively easy. In addition, Joe’s Fencing & Gates have had many years of experience in installing picket fences in all areas of Melbourne. This includes the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Picket Fencing Styles

Picket gates, including automatic sliding gates can be built to the same style of picket fence you choose.

Below are some of the many styles picket fences come in. They are currently the most popular styles of picket fences in Melbourne. In addition, the post tops come in a variety of styles too. At Joe’s Fencing & Gates we work with you to personalise the design of your new picket fence. As a result, when built, it perfectly matches, as well as enhancing, your home.

Arched Picket

Capping Rail Picket

Concave Picket

Capped Arch Picket

Level Picket

Stenciled Picket

Accented Picket

Scalloped Picket

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The following picket heads are just a small selection of what is available:

Acorn Picket Head

Club Picket Head

Spade Picket Head

Windsor Picket Head

Rounded Picket Head

Flat Picket Head

Spear Top Picket Head

Paddle Picket Head

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