Swing Gates for Melbourne

Swing gates are used for both pedestrian access and a driveway gate. They are often used for driveway gates when there is no space available to install a sliding gate.

As with sliding gates, swing gates can be automated. We recommend that heavy or large swing gates be automated for ease of use.

For both pedestrian and driveway swing gates you can choose to have the gate self closing. A great added benefit – especially for pedestrian swing gates where it is not practical to have it automated.

Frames for swing gates are usually made from steel or aluminum.

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Swing Gates Styles

Some of the styles of swing gates include steel tubular, aluminium tubular, colorbond and picket – so you are sure to find a style that will match your budget, lifestyle and home.

We manufacture our own steel gates so you can be assured that you will get the style you want as well as the highest standard of quality.

We also offer a wide range of gate hinges and gate latches to suite the style of the swing gate, your budget and the security level required.

If your driveway space is limited, then you need a bi-fold swing gate. They are made from two panels that fold up like a concertina.  They work especially well for very restricted spaces.

swing sliding gates

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All our automatic swing gates use low voltage motors of a range from 24 volt up to 240 volt. The size of the motor for an automatic swing gate depends on the weight of the gate.

Most domestic automatic swing gates do not weigh more than 300kg so only a small motor is needed. This is unless they are made of wrought iron or stainless steel).

The opening and closing speed of the gate can vary from around 200 mm per second to 950 mm per second.

Swing gate styles

The following are just some of the many styles of swing gates (including automatic swing gates) that you can choose from:

Flat Top with extra rail

Flat Top with Decorative Infill

Curved Top

Curved Top with extra Rails

Horizontal Slats

Vertical Slats

We can even match your new automated swing gate to either a new fence or an existing fence. We can also fit remote units to most existing gate types.

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