Blade Fencing for Melbourne

Joe’s Fencing & Gates specialise in blade fencing. Vertical blade fencing is a modern and sleek style of fencing for Melbourne homes.

They provide a distinctive profile with their slim vertical blades. Rather then blocking a view, they obscure it. The closer the the blades are to each other, the more privacy there is for the Melbourne home owner.

Blade fences are especially suitable for modern home styles. They are also popular for townhouses where privacy is sought after. Blade fencing gates, including automatic sliding gates can be built in the same style to match your new fence.

Blade fencing is also a popular choice for inlays for brick fences. It is a modern and stylish form of fencing that comes with clean lines and a sharp finish. It also provides a higher level of privacy due to part of the fence being made from bricks.

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Aluminium Blade fences are the most popular from of blade fences for Melbourne homes. There are many benefits of aluminium blade fence.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Aluminium blade fences do not rust
  • There is no need to paint or varnish your aluminum blade fence
  • Your aluminium blade fence should last a long time
  • An aluminium blade fence can’t be damaged by terminates and other pests.
  • Especially when compared to wooden fences, aluminium tubular fences are very fire resistant

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Although not as popular as aluminium blade fencing, wooden blade fences are increasing in popularity. This is especially true for Melbourne’s older and heritage style homes . When you want a stylish wooden fence, but with a bit more of a modern look than a picket fence is a great choice.

Aluminium blade fences are also a great alternative when a solid fence is not required.

At Joe’s Fencing & Gates we use merbau timber for many of the timber blade fences we build. This is because of merbau’s long lasting properties. Merbau timber also has attractive dark tones that will complement your home whilst retaining a natural warmth appearance.

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We are a family owned business. That's why we know it is a big decision to get a new fence.

With over 10 years experience we have the expertise to install many different styles of fencing.

We only use the highest quality materials. This means your fence will have a great finish and last a long time.

We install fences in all the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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You can trust all your fencing and gates needs to Joe’s Fencing & Gates. We are Melbourne’s leading fence & gate specialist servicing the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.