Frequently Asked Questions - Automatic Sliding Gates Melbourne

Can you supply and install automatic sliding gates?
Yes we specialise in installing automatic sliding gates for homes in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. There are many automatic sliding gate styles you can choose from - so you are sure to find one that fits both your lifestyle and budget.
I have an existing manual gate. Can this be automated or do I need a new gate?
The answer is generally yes. However, some cases it may not be possible due to various factors including the condition of the existing gates, as well as the posts and hinges.
tubular fencing with matching tubular electric sliding gate in northern suburbs of melbourne
I live on a sloping block. Can I still have an automatic sliding gate?
It may not be possible to have swing style of automatic gate but it may still be possible to have automatic sliding gate. You could even have a bi-sliding automatic gate so that the gate does not have to slide as far on one side.
What is the difference between an automatic sliding gate and an automatic swing gate?
An automatic sliding gate slides back and forwards to open or close a gate. One of its main advantages is that it does not require much space so they are great for homes that have small front gardens. They are mostly used for driveways.  An automatic swing gate can be either a single gate or two gates, and open in an arc. They are more popular for pedestrian gates or when automatic sliding gates are not suitable.
What is the main advantage of automatic sliding gates over more traditional gates?
The main advantage is security. These types of gates are much more secure than a simple latch system. They are also great for homes that are on busy roads. An automatic sliding gate makes it much quicker to get in and out of your driveway.
How do I get out of my property if my automatic sliding gate breaks down?
When you install your automatic sliding gate it is recommended that you have a battery backup. If you decide not to, then you need to make sure there is a manual release so you do not get locked in if there is a power failure or your gate breaks down.

What sort of accessories can I get with my automatic sliding gate?

There are lots of accessories. Some include:

  • Remote Controls
  • Battery Backup
  • Keypads
  • Safety beam; and
  • Solar panels
tubular automatic sliding gate melbourne
What are safety beams?
A safety beam is a small electronic device that is attached to the side of the gate. It is an infrared beam that makes sure that if something is blocking the gate (especially children or pets) that the gate will not close.
How are automatic sliding gates powered?
Automatic sliding gates are all powered using motors. All our gates use low voltage motors of a range from 24 volt up to 240 volt. The size of the motor for an automatic sliding gate depends on the weight of the gate. Most residential automatic sliding  gates do not weigh more than 300kg, so a smaller motor can be used.
What can automatic sliding be made out of?

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