Security Fencing & Gates for Melbourne

Joes Fencing & Gates specialises in an industrial, commercial and residential security fencing and gates in the Melbourne region, with a particular focus on the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.Our commercial fencing solutions include steel hercules security fencingchainmesh security fencing, steel weldmesh security fencing and commercial tubular fencing.

Combining the highest quality security fencing with either an automatic gate (also known as electric gates) or hinged gates together with expert installation you are guaranteed a security fence of the highest standard.

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Hercules Security Fencing For Melbourne

hercules steel tubular fence for commercial security purposes in melbourne

Steel Hercules fencing is the industry leader in commercial security fencing and industrial security fencing. Nothing says security like a Hercules security fence! Steel hercules security fencing can be used on all commercial and industrial properties such as schools, warehouses, factories, government facilities and more. It can be even be matched to either automatic sliding gates or hinged gates.

Weldmesh Security Fencing For Melbourne

weldmesh security fence melbourne

Steel Weldmesh fencing is used for many purposes across different industries all over Melbourne, as it is very versatile. It is very strong yet lightweight and flexible. The main uses of weldmesh include commercial security fencing, industrial security fencing, as well as residential purposes. It makes an ideal boundary fence due to its strength. For a residential setting it is often used to keep pets in.

Chainmesh Security Fencing For Melbourne

security chainmesh fencing for tennis courts in melbourne

Chainmesh Wire fencing is a very popular option and widely used for industrial and commercial properties as well as government facilities and private owned land. It is extensively used in as security fencing around schools, sporting complexes, warehouse partitions, storage enclosures, access gates, factories, warehouses, and building sites all over Melbourne.

Commercial Automatic Sliding Gates For Melbourne

security tubular fencing with tubular automatic sliding gate for commercial premises in melbourne

Automatic sliding gates (are also known as electric gates) are becoming a standard addition to commercial security fencing. as they not only improves the security of your property but save time as well. At Joe’s Fencing & Gates we specialise in the installation of automatic sliding gates to suit your specific needs and to match the style of your new fence. We can even install automatic sliding gates to existing fences or add a remote unit to a manual gate.

Commercial Tubular Fencing For Melbourne

commercial tubular fencing for melbourne

Tubular fencing is a very popular choice in Melbourne for many commercial properties – with it being both very strong and stylish. All the tubular fencing we install can be customised for your specific needs. It is usually powder coated with an extensive range of colours available. We can install automatic sliding gates or hinged gates to match your new tubular fence

Commercial Slat Fencing For Melbourne

Commercial steel slat fencing is a becoming a very popular choice in Melbourne for security and industrial fencing – especially if you want a stylish fencing solution. The added benefit of commercial slat fencing is that you can decide on the spacing between the slats. So if privacy is desired you can have minimal spacing between the slats.

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